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Fallout: New Vegas Wallpaper - Black Sparrows by Berlshenk Fallout: New Vegas Wallpaper - Black Sparrows :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0 Fallout 4 Wallpaper - Vault Dweller by Berlshenk Fallout 4 Wallpaper - Vault Dweller :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 2 1 Fallout 4 Wallpaper - Vertibird by Berlshenk Fallout 4 Wallpaper - Vertibird :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 4 0 SEE YOU DESERT RANGER by Berlshenk SEE YOU DESERT RANGER :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0 A Dialogue with Myself by Berlshenk A Dialogue with Myself :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 1 0
Tell me what you want to say,
Be free as you want to seem.
Speak your mind through your words,
Unless the sound of your voice makes you scream.
Can you tell me how you feel?
Or does it hurt to say?
Will silence speak volumes,
Or will you fade away?
Led by others,
Silenced with roars,
They've stitched my lips and broken my arms,
Leaving me wordless, worthless, and charred.
:iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 1 0
An Empty Space by Berlshenk An Empty Space :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 2 0
Road of Good Intentions
Ah, this road, my old friend.
How many injustices did you defend?
Did the men you proved innocent walk?
Only again to murder, terrorize and stalk?
I wonder what the mother of that child did,
As she cradled her bloodied child, rid.
Blades, bullet and fists.
You’ve covered them all, you did.
The coat on you remains fresh!
Because the blood of innocents? They do the best.
Lunatic psychopaths do their work,
Freely painting their lakes, ponds, and brooks.
Hiding in plain sight is the plan,
While sweeping victims from the land.
And the road only gets longer.
Width and shape like the Sanzu river.
Aptly named if I say so myself,
For a road crafted from innocent deaths.
A single whisper from a man,
Can send millions to this land.
So line up, single file, and kneel down.
It’s time to execute that whole town!
Shoot those guns like they’re toys,
You little, little soldier boys!
Time will be the pestle and mortar,
To make deathly silent the almighty roar,
Of the innocents we neede
:iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 1 0
Mature content
Faith :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0
Mature content
Eyes Of An Honest Man :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0
Mature content
Death's Dove :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0
The corpse was as wet and musky as a dog rolling through his filth. The cold, frigid rain washed over it like it was part of the alleyway. The lifeless hobo's eyes were fixed upon the worn, red brick wall just a few feet away from his lopsided face. The absent smell of his clothes worried Tyr, who wondered, if the rain stopped, what his nostrils would behold.
So it was a good thing he was dead. Tyr scratched his nose as the rain passed through his ethereal body. His thick, jet black buzz cut created a glaring contrast with his skin, which carried a touch of light brown from Hispanic origins. He wore a tan jacket with a popped collar and desert fatigues but his feet were nonexistent. Instead he hovered slightly over the ground like a ghost.
"Are you thinking?" Death said with a deep, giggly tone. "Don't think, it hurts your brain." He danced over Tyr like a dark, black haze of smog. The figureless ghost only had a mask to represent some semblance of an identity, crafted from ivory with
:iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0
Mature content
Journeymare - Chapter 2 :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0
Journeymare - Chapter 1
She didn't like the sun. It never did anything for her other than give light to all the bullying she endured with the other ponies. Her parents never understood why she slept in all the time. While the sun loomed high over the sky and watched Ponyville bustle with activity Sassy Sarsaparilla remained in her room, sleeping the day away without a care.
They didn't need to know about her problems. She wasn't worth the trouble, concern or worry. It only took a few stray words here and there during small dinner conversations to realize that she should suck up her troubles. Why bother anyone about them, anyways? Her problems were her own, and she believed no one would really care what she said unless they were fed up with her whining.
Still, Sassy's mind pressured her to open up despite the world she knew. Every fiber of her being demanded and pleaded that she confess her woes especially to her parents, because she knew they were the kind of parents who would care for her no matter what happ
:iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0
Mature content
5 - Marked Frontier :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0
Mature content
A Day In Feralas :iconberlshenk:Berlshenk 0 0


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